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Our Story

Dad got out of the Marines in 1945. He enlisted while at Xavier University his freshman year. Don’s first business was Donovan’s Cafe at the age of 17. It was left to him by his older brother, Pat, who had just joined the Navy.

Don and Pat were both inducted into the XU Basketball Hall of Fame. Don was also inducted into the Purcell High School Hall of Fame. Don left college after his junior year when his wife, Betty, was pregnant with their 3rd son and he could no longer attend school and provide for the family.

Don was hired by Firestone and eventually transferred to Louisville with the Firestone Farm division. Don promised his wife if he was ever transferred back to Cincinnati he would open his own store. He did this in 1958.

It was not an easy thing to do – already having four children and a 5th on the way! Don’s first store was located at 6111 Montgomery Road and it consisted of a store front for appliances, office, a small room with a hand operated tire changer, and a cement slap out back with no roof or walls for changing tires with a floor jack.

One thing the store did have was a color TV. Every Sunday Dad would take all the children (and any he could round up from the neighborhood) to the store to watch Walt Disney on the color TV.

50 years later Donovan’s Tire is still serving the Cincinnati community.